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How to Start a Career with a Non Profit Recruitment

How to Start a Career with a Non Profit Recruitment

Non Profit Recruitment is like matchmaking for the business world. It is a process where job-seekers with relevant talent and qualifications are matched with employers looking for them. Working for recruitment agencies is a solid career choice for anyone who enjoys a challenge and likes helping people move forward in their lives. Typically a recruiter will start off at the $35,000 per year mark and can gradually move up to a little less than $65k annually. If you’re aspiring to work in recruiting there are some things you should consider that may help you succeed.

Non Profit RecruitmentThere is no single factor that would make you a more highly sought after candidate but most employers will look at your interests and aspirations in life. Oftentimes, people that go into recruiting use it as a fast-track to getting somewhere else. This is not the ideal mindset and employers look for this. Career aspirations and potential longevity is definitely a factor considered by those looking to hire.

Experience is also important. If you’ve had lots (or any) experience in commercial environments it helps your chances. Often employers look more favorably on candidates who have temped or interned at other agencies. It shows that you’re excited to work in the field, even taking time from your education to do hands-on work.

Beyond this, attitude is very important when searching for a recruiting job. You are playing matchmaker, after all. Large elements of customer service and sales are involved with recruiting jobs. Thus, sales experience is a definite asset. Also, the ability to communicate effectively (especially when making presentations) and holding yourself well are important skills to have or build up. Recruitment jobs are very well-suited towards “people-oriented” individuals.

If you’re lucky enough to temp or intern at an agency it’s also important to build relationships. Networking within the field is a great way to grow in your life and career. You can also leverage these relationships to lead you to new work opportunities and offers. This is true in any field, but especially so in recruiting because of its “people-oriented” nature. It’s also important to be adaptable and receptive to change. It is a dynamic industry and requires those within it to be dynamic as well.

But the job also requires one to be able, to sum up people astutely. The ability to negotiate deals and be assertive is also helpful. Try and grow your firmness, objectivity and negotiating skills before seeking out a recruiting position. Building relationships, persuasion, and marketing all factor into the recruiting process and bode well for those in the field. Study choices like Public Relations or Communications and Marketing are well suited to this career goal.

With some planning and effort, it can be very possible for one to get into the recruitment field for the long term. Be sure to hone your relevant skills and grow them where necessary. Often it’s about passion and drive that separates those who succeed from those who do not. Keep on a steady track and your recruitment career will grow in no time.