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Introduction to Advanced Thermal Solutions

Introduction to Advanced Thermal Solutions

There are many organizations which deal in thermal management when it comes to electronics. But, just like any form of industry, the electronics thermal management industry also needs representatives, consultation and spokespersons. This is where ATS or Advanced Thermal Solutions comes in. ATS is one of the leading engineering and manufacturing organizations dealing in electronic thermal management. They have been in the industry for close to 30 years. Throughout the years ATS has developed into a complete thermal solutions provider and manufacturer. With the best research and development, innovation capabilities and highest quality of equipment manufactured, ATS has set itself up as the finest in the industry.

Consulting at Advanced Thermal Solutions

The organization started out as a consulting establishment in 1989. The main equipment that the organization deals in are heat sinks, and other cooling solutions for electronics and machinery. But that’s not all. Thermal Solutions has also developed into providing custom cooling solutions, chassis design and systems integration, heat & pipe vapor chamber design and liquid cooling systems design. These are just some of the consultation services the organization provides.

Products by Advanced Thermal Solutions

ATS prides itself in being the industry leader in heat sink manufacturing. Over the years they have manufactured over 5000 heat sink and test equipments, along with developing a leading research and development department for further industry innovations. Apart from this, Advanced Solutions prides itself in providing the best quality in various types of wind tunnels, instruments for temperature and velocity, pressure measurement, surface thermography,  sensors, liquid cooling, and many other forms of products. They also provide their services in other fields such as medical technology and equipment, LED lights, telecommunications, aerospace applications and dynamics, automotive manufacturing sector, and computer technology.