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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Service Rocklin

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Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Service Rocklin

http://www.rescuerefrigeration.net/ Buying Tips When searching for a Commercial Refrigeration Repairs, there are several options and specifications that you need to remember to ensure that you buy the refrigerator that will suit your needs. The first thing that you need to consider when shopping for commercial refrigeration is size. How big a fridge you need? Also, how big of a refrigerator will fit in your kitchen? You have chosen a room for your new fridge, get out the tape measure to verify that the dimensions. Make sure that a few inches of clearance on the back and sides, for good air flow.

Solid VS. Glass Doors

Glass door refrigerators are ideal for use as front-of-House merchandisers, although they are not the extra flair or signage of regular refrigerated merchandisers. For back-of-home use, glass doors help workers quickly find what they need. Glass door refrigerators, however, also clutter and disorganization. If you want to hide disorganized storage methods, you might consider a solid door refrigerator. Solid door refrigerators are also more energy efficient than glass door, and you will never worried about the glass cover.

commercial refrigeration service

Commercial Refrigeration Service

Wheels Vs. Legs

How much you really want to clean behind your refrigerator? Well, with wheels, you can easily the unit aside wheel to those pesky dust rabbits. Or a wheel come standard or not depends on the manufacturer and model that you choose, but wheels are a great way to get access to the back of your fridge. This is especially important when the health inspector wants to take a quick peak.

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Commercial Refrigeration Repairs

Doors Vs Drawers

Under counter refrigerators both worktop freezers may have doors or drawers. If you store food in full-size food pans, loading the best way to go. But if you’re scrounging around to find the pot mayonnaise, units that use Commercial Cooler Door Repair Near Me have shelves to store that are hard to find of the ingredients.

Dutch Doors

A feature available on glass, solid door refrigerators and mixed is the split-door, or one with a Dutch door design. This allows you to only half of the section to open at a time, which helps the amount of cold air lost reduce while the doors open. Mixed door refrigerators are equipped with a glass door on top and solid doors on soil. Not only this design can save the cost of utilities, but it means you only half of your refrigerator at a time.



Chromium or epoxy coated? Straight or slanted? Adjustable clips or molded slides? All these questions come to mind when considering commercial fridge shelves. Generally, epoxy coated shelves are better at repel moisture and resistance against rust, but chrome plated boards are more aesthetic. Presentation oblique shelves help if you are going to be a glass door refrigerator use as a front-of-house showcase. If you’re going to the refrigerator for storage to use only, you don’t really oblique shelves. But if you’re going to be storage of items of different types and sizes at different times throughout the year, you will want to get a refrigerator whose shelves adjustable in small steps, such as one inch steps. View More